Our Company, E. Tom Pyle, Jr. & Associates, P.A. (formerly McPherson Architectural Service), a McPherson, Kansas based firm, has been serving the Kansas and surrounding States Area since the 1950's. We have performed services for:

·         Over 650 homes, duplexes, multiplexes, and apartment buildings,

·         Over 550 Churches,

·         Over 60 educational facilities (elementary, middle, high school and colleges, sport complexes),

·         For many hospitality facilities (motels, hotels, convention centers and restaurants),

·         Health care facilities (physician offices, chiropractor offices, dentist offices, retirement communities and nursing homes and hospitals).

·         National Historic Preservation and Restoration projects,

·         Governmental facilities (city, county, state, tribal),

·         Commercial (banks, business offices, attorney offices, insurance offices, CPA offices, retail, automobile & truck dealerships),

·         Manufacturing (pharmaceutical plant, machining plants and mobile home manufacturing plants),

·         Industrial (utility electrical power plant)

·         And entertainment facilities (theaters, sound stage, recording studio and low power TV station).