Our APPROACH and REPUTATION for addressing our clients’ scope of work has always been based upon meeting and satisfying our clients’ Aesthetic, Functional, and Economic desires.

Most clients understand that the difference between contractors in a bidding situation would vary between 5% and 15%. However, most clients
DO NOT realize that the Difference Between Architects can vary the cost of the project from between 15% to 35%.

Most architects do not have first hand construction experience nor are they experienced in all the various trades such as plumbing, mechanical, electrical, structural and civil. This has resulted in many occasions where we have been asked to come into a project after the owner has paid for plans and specifications which they could not use, either due to poor design or failure to meet budget limitations.

We often help our clients establish priorities with estimated cost to help with their overall project budgeting.

Currently registered in the states of Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and Washington as well as  NCARB Certificate which allows for easy licensing in other states we may wish to practice in as the need arises.